It’s gonna take you a full day… It’s gonna make you dress up… It’s gonna make you cry… It’s gonna make you say goodbye… Don't bother to come. Save that day. I will not be there. I will not care. But I’m here now. Use that time now. It's not gonna take you a full … Continue reading MY FUNERAL


Hi chromosome XX! I saw you at the bar yesterday night, and I noticed from the simmetry of your face, and the proportion of your body parts that you have great genetic. I also noticed that the way you dress, and your attitude would help a chromosome XY near you to underline or, even elevate … Continue reading XX


No one needs warm water. Warm water can be created by cold and hot water with no effort. Warm water doesn't heat or refresh.  Warm water is the future state of cold and hot water. Warm water has no future. Warm water is death. Warm water is the end.