I’m gonna share with you an anecdote that I find very interesting and I think can be related in many different situations of our lives.

When I was in my twenties, while talking on how many hours a week I was practicing guitar, a friend told me a story about a famous musician, Billy Sheehan from the band Mr. Big.


During one of his clinics Billy Sheenah asked a guy, who was frustrated about his playing skills on bass guitar: “How many hours a week do you play bass?” The guy in a proud way answered: “I play every day for 5 hours”. At that point Billy Sheehan answered: “So you tell me every day you go on stage and play for five hours in front of an audience?” The guy obviously answered not, and said that those 5 hours daily were of rehearsal (sometimes by himself and the metronome, sometimes with his band in rehearsal room). So Billy Sheehan said: “Then you are not playing 5 hours a day but you are rehearsing 5 hours a day… Playing means to actually play in front of an audience while performing in a show. So how many hours weekly you play in front of an audience?” The guy answer was something like “I play once a month” etc…

Anyway the point of the bassist was clear. To rehearse is not the same of playing. It is a bit of an extreme way to see things, but I think is an interesting concept.

It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, an actor, a film director or any other kind of profession. You get really good in something only by doing that thing. Rehearse is important but it will not make you a PRO but an amateur. Maybe a very good amateur, but still an amateur.

I believe that many times in our lives we rehearse too much on things forgetting the importance of playing for various reasons. I’m not talking only in performing arts like playing an instrument, but about many other fields that can go from our human relationships to our personal success in work, family etc… We can’t aspect to become good in something we love by relying only in “simulations” of it.

Have a nice day you all! Hope you will find the energy and the way to stop “rehearse” and start to “play” 😉



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