I love quotes! Is amazing how in just few words a quote can express so much content. Is something that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. Is not a book that takes time to be read, is not difficult to understand (usually) and is very immediate and doesn’t need of any instrument to be repeated but just our words (and memory of course).


One of my favourite ever quote is the one by Joseph Conrad who says:

“In life, you see, there is not much choice. You have either to rot or to burn.”

I love how this quote has a dark and pessimistic basic idea but at the same time gives a strong and hopeful message. We all are destined to get destroyed in the end. Our body, our beauty, our flesh etc… Is up to us decide in which way. We can burn and generate power, energy, light and heat or we can rot and generate nothing than a bad smell and decomposition.

No one escape from this fate, but everyone has the choice on how to face it.

Have a good day friends, hope you are gonna always burn!




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