There are many “nostalgics” in the rock music scene (but this can be applied to any art) thinking that the songs from old bands (like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Judas Priest, Nirvana, Black Sabbath etc…) are the only best music that has ever been made, hating and rejecting everything that is new.

This bands not only created great music but also created various new “cultural” movement. Just think about Heavy Metal, Grunge, Hard rock, Punk, etc… Those are not only music but a real life style, something like a religion!

This “nostalgic” musicians base their life in playing like this famous old bands, write music like them, sing like them, even dress and behave in normal life like them.

I find this a very funny paradox.

This famous old bands that this “nostalgic” musicians idolise and “copy”, were at their time great innovators. At their time they were the ones that decided to create something new, to risk and be different from anything else. They were absolutely against to emulate anything that was being already made.

So how is it possible to “emulate” someone that was against “emulation”?

How is it possible to idolise someone like Jimi Hendrix and imitate his style? The fact that we are imitiating him makes us totally against everything he believed in!

If you really want to “emulate” Jimi Hendrix then DON’T EMULATE ANYONE (especially Jimi Hendrix lol)!!! : )





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