The great Mitch Hedberg used to say this joke:

“One time, this guy handed me a picture of him, he said, ‘Here’s a picture of me when I was younger.’ Every picture is of you when you were younger.”

Mitch Hedberg

One of the struggles of creatives is the “trap” of perfection. I know this cause I’ve been there… For me it was about the quality of the sound of my music production (very common in music especially guitarist).

It was never ok… It was never PERFECT!

Perfectionism can be very dangerous, cause it leads to stagnation and therefore kills any progress, change etc..

I think this problem is related to guilt. We as humans often are not able to overcome and forgive ourselves for the mistake we made in the past, so we rather prefer to avoid the risk of regret something that is not perfect.

Personally what helps me overcome this is the idea that everything I create and do is from when I was younger (even what I’m writing now)… So less experienced, less aware, less prepared and much more stupid.

No one blames himself/herself cause they used to s#!t their pants when they were younger right? This is why when I feel down for something I did I just think that its just a picture of me when I was younger.

Hope it helps 😉


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