“Heliocentric” – Having or representing the sun as the centre, as in the accepted astronomical model of the solar system.

One of the main difference between the country where I grew up and the U.K. (beyond the fact that sunny days in U.K. are rare) is that in U.K. the weather changes many times during the same day.

Another aspect I noticed is that the mornings are always sunnier than the afternoons and evenings.

Before moving in the U.K. I used to wake up, and if the weather was nice, I was sure that it would be a beautiful day till the night.

Now when I wake up and I see a blue sky, I’m almost sure that is gonna change.

At the begin this meteorological aspect was annoying cause due to my daily routine I was missing always the sunlight that I love.

I learnt to change my schedule based on the weather, being more elastic. Now when I see the sun in the morning (not often), I reorganise myself and my day in order to be able to see it even for few minutes. Like for instance by moving from 6pm to 9am my walking to get the groceries or quickly organise a hike in the park, a bike ride, a run etc..

My life moves according to the sun, the sun is the centre, I became Heliocentric.

Cause without sun there’s no life.


View from my window at 9AM
View from my window at 11AM

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