“We are all incomplete, we are never prepared, we are all work in process…”


In this new episode of my beloved series “Cinematic Portrait” I’m honoured to feature the amazing artist and human being Edward Povey.

I discovered Edward’s incredible work on Instagram, and I immediately was blown away by the emotional charge of it. The colour, the composition, the expression of his subjects… Everything in it resonated with my soul. After few emails exchange with him I understood that I wanted to “paint” him with my camera.

We sat down and after a long interview touching many stories, anecdotes, topics, ideas etc.. I was very impressed by the concept of “Incompletion” in his art. Edward paradoxically leaves his painting incomplete in order to proper represent the fact that no one is in reality “complete” but always “unfinished” in a constant state of changing.

An idea that made me think a lot and left me a bit sad but at the same time in some way relieved, helping me to take some “weight” off from my shoulders and be less hard with myself since I’m still, as Edward says “work in progress”.

Thank you Edward.


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